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Chevelle Trunk

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I was wondering what the best way to finish the inside of a chevelle trunk. By finishing I mean, the procedure wire wheel, sand, coat and carpet. The trunk is in strong and in good condition but not to my standards. Any idea's will be appreciated.
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Here's the way to go. When I redid my chevelle trunk I put on a wire wheel and went to work. It took a while but it was worth it. When I was done cleaning I used the herculiner stuff. The stuff that you put in the bed of pickup trucks, and put that in there. It works and looks awesome. But if you don't want that then you can use carpet. Any upholstery shop can hook you up. But make sure that the carpet is not too thin or too thick. Too thin will wear in time and too thick will... ah hell go thicker if you want. It will provide a lot of cushion if needed. And use some sticky spray to hold it on. You should probably get the stuff from the upholstery shop. That's the best stuff in my opinion.
Good Luck Fireschenie
When I did my Chevelle many years ago, I used the thick scotch-brite discs and buzzed off the old paint, painted on the black POR-15 and then used the OEM-look spackle-paint Eastwood sells- looked better than factory and lasted till I sold it- and I live in the Rust Belt.... if you want cushion like fireschenie says, get something that doesn't absorb too much moisture (like rubber-backed or synthetic fibers) or you're looking to do the whole thing again in a couple years.
After you get it painted or coated, check out

Depending on what year your Chevelle is, they have a vinyl trunk liner made exactly like the OEM for $30.00, and foam padding for an additional $30.00.
Thank's for the info. I am planning to use the wire wheel for sure because I've heard too many bad stories with sandblasting. Where can I get the scoth-brite discs and are they easier to use than a wire wheel. After cleaning with the wheel what should I use to coat the trunk with? I plan on doing the carpet thing.
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Don't know about Canada, but you can get Scotch-brite discs in any Pamida, Alco Discount store and some auto parts stores stock them- they don't fling wires at your face like the wire wheels and sharpen themselves as they wear- that's why I like 'em. They're just like the wire wheel except a disc of black scotch-brite material- the coarse ones are pretty aggresive and you can buzz through paint and primer and even rust in a few passes. Then POR-15 or prime and paint with a flat based paint and glue or lay in yer carpet and you'll be stylin'!!! :cool:
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