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Hi Guys,
Ive just joined and this is the first forum I foud that has chevy 3100 related topics. Im in ireland and looking at restoring a 49 chevy 3100 for my father who bought it 15 years ago from USA and had it shipped over. Some mechanic here replace the orginal engine with a v8 diesel and Im looking at getting back in a Gas 6 cylinder. Do you know what my options are, dont have much donors here in Europe so wondering if there is soething from a ford or something that could pop back in.
Would consider getting a working 261 engine shipped if I got the right price.

Not looking at hot rodding it so if there is another forum I should be looking at please let me know.

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Do you mean another forum like this.
It’s dedicated to all things chevy truck.

A very good L6 engine is the Chevy 250 ci (also available in 292 ci, taller block). Excellent engine, nearly as smooth as a V8, dead reliable, common because produced over many years. If you are not looking for high performance, even the "pollution-controlled" engines from the '70s would work well. Often, they are available for sale because people get rid of them to mount a V8 instead. Even here in France you sometimes see one in the classified!
You can use the same trans as behind a V8, including a 4-speed auto (TH700R4), a really good set-up that allows modern highway speeds.
As for the specifics of installing one in a '49 truck, I do not know.
The roddoing scene in the UK is very strong, try to see if that community (via UK forums) can help you find what you need.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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