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Chevy 350 backfiring through carb no start

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I recently removed an painted my intake manifold, after reinstalling everything it will no longer start. I’m pretty positive I have it back in time, although I’m relatively new to this as this is my first project car and I’m only 19 years old. I do suspect it to be a distributor issue, it’s an MSD PN8361. So if anyones has any advice or tips it’d be greatly appreciated.
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Out of time is typical when you R&R the SBC distributor. The oil pump drive shaft is a slotted drive to the distributor shaft. As tge distributor is pulled out it the spiral gears rotate the distributor shaft which carries the pump drive such that when reinstalling the distributor it’s at least a tooth off. This is over 50 degrees crankshaft so it’s way off.

The other hazard with the SBC that like all 4 cycle engines the TDC timing mark passes the timing tab twice in the full 720 degree operating cycle. With the SBC the marks will align for cylinder number 1 and again for cylinder number 6 do in addition to getting a gear tooth off it’s also easy to get the distributor aligned for number 6 instead of number 1.

Thus the importance of marking where the distributor housing is pointing as well as getting the rotor ready to fire number 1 and marking that position on the distributor housing. Then of course refraining from rotating the crsnkshaft when the distributor is removed.

Using an oil pump priming tool is a good way to reindex the oil pump drive to get the distributor back to alignment.

Here is a video of a trick for next time that is worth knowing.

Once you view this how the distributor is aligned makes sense.

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