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Chevy 350 backfiring through carb no start

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I recently removed an painted my intake manifold, after reinstalling everything it will no longer start. I’m pretty positive I have it back in time, although I’m relatively new to this as this is my first project car and I’m only 19 years old. I do suspect it to be a distributor issue, it’s an MSD PN8361. So if anyones has any advice or tips it’d be greatly appreciated.
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Get #1 cyl on compression stroke use a starter Button one clipn on pos bat cable the other on starter terminal closes to the block . Put finger on spark plug hole click slowly when you feel compression watch the vibration dampner. Click the button slowly until you line up the timing marks at 0 Tdc. Reference the #1 spark plug tower on cap. Set cap in place on dist and mark #1 cyl location on dist base just below where cap sits. Magic marker..Lower dist down it meshes with cam gear. With rotor pointing to #1 cyl location you made If dist doesn't go all the way down hold light pressure on dist housing and click starter button it will go in all the way. Adjust vac advance to point to pointtPut on hold down lightly tighten bolt. Install cap. Start engine adjust timing with timing light. #1 cyl drivers side front cyl. #6 cyl third cyl. back.pass side.
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