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chevy power..

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Greetings all,
I came across this site in search of a compression advice and reallly enjoy the posts from others. Some of the topics are well outside my knowledge, but some others I can relate to.

I just purchased a 85' Mastercraft boat with a chevy 350 engine. It sat over the winter and it appears that some moisture snuck in and sat over my #4 exhaust valve. I believe I have a valve job ahead of me!! It kind of adds fuel to the fire when my resouces "$" for the boat have dried up for now. After pulling the head off, I kinda rushed through the project, spraying penetrant oil and worked the valve back to an 'operational' mode. It has been real long since rebuilding an engine and forgot to seal the intake. That explains why I am experiencing a very rough idle (if any at all). I have some questions, but would welcome any comments...

Q- How long should I run the head in this condition.

Q- Should I cash in this season and wait till it's done right?

As always, I appreciate your advice,

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welcome to the to ask in the engine gorum
Welcome to the site.. :thumbup:
Welcome you will find alot of great info and people on this site. :welcome: Cole
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