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chevy S10-pickup

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how hard is it to put a 350 chevy small-block in a chevy S 10-pick-up <img src="graemlins/sweat.gif" border="0" alt="[sweat]" />
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It must not be that difficult. Everyone has done it. Should be able to find directions somewhere. I believe there are kits on the market for that.
had this link to where they show how to, will have to see...u can check out Ebay , they have headers, engine mounts and sometimes kits
This is a pretty good site that explains it well.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Just keep in mind that this is just one way to do the swap.Neither one of my V8 swaps are anything like that site shows. Mine were
a '94 305 into a '82 1.9 automatic no option 2wd and a 383 into a '82 Tahoe 2.8 5 speed 2wd.
And if you want more headaches during the swap try the same thing I am in the middle of, 350 Oldsmobile into my '91 S-10.
Fun wow, I have now learned I will have to notch a section of frame for the starter as the Olds small block has its starter located on the drivers' side.
I've done one s-dime/v8 swap and i'm curretly helping my dad with his.Advace Adapters sells a book that is helpful.The most help I found was talking to some guys around town that already finished thiers.Their Knowledge was worth way more than the book,and their advice was free and accurate.I also made a long time friendship with them.
i need help

i currently have a 2000 zr2 s10 pickup will a v8 motor fit in it, or what type of mods do you have to do to get it to fit. i am trying to decide if it is worth it or not.
The chevy guy

jagerbomb111 said:
i currently have a 2000 zr2 s10 pickup will a v8 motor fit in it, or what type of mods do you have to do to get it to fit. i am trying to decide if it is worth it or not.
Ryan i don't think it would be worth your time putting a v8
in that newer of a zr2 s10 pickup i dont thaink they mack the parts you need to dow that yet but if you can it would be bad ***...............
If you buy the mounts and use common swap parts, it's easy. If you do it your own way and fab everything so you can get the engine sitting just where you want it, it's a lot of work and details, but worth it.

On a ZR2 4x4 you might not have to make an oilpan, as the front diff sits lower than other 4x4's. Everything else will fit fine if you use the correct parts, but a carbed engine, will lose gauges, and an injected engine, will be a real pain to integrate the 2 harnesses.

I have a 99 ZR2 5speed trans in my S10. and she has taken a pounding for 4 years.
I built an 84' s15 2 wheelie with 9'' ford, 355chev,th350 trans. Wasnt to bad, had to make a lot of stuff because I didnt like the afterarket stuff. Finished that 0ne and sold it. Currently in the middle of building my second one, its a 91' shortbox 2wheelie. Doing some different things with this one. The motor will more stout this time, big stall coverter, another 9'' ford rear, and still be a good driver.
i built an 86 swb with a 350/th350. there is a company called jtr that has a book on the s10 v8 conversion that was very helpful to me. they also sell all the parts you would need to do these conversions. in the book, there are blueprints to build your own motor mounts, that is what i did. these mounts have slotted holes to let u slide the engine forward or backwards. i used hedman v8 s10 shorties, a corvette aluminum radiator and a nippodenso sp? style high torque starter that can be rotated to different positions to fit. i nothced the bolt holes in the trans crossmember as well as the trans mount bolt hole to fit the th350 in. you will have to cut the "ears" off the th350 if u use it and hammer the lip flat above the trans tunnel. i also used the rad in the stock position with an electic fan, but clearance was tight. i used a 8.5 rear from a 79 transam, had it narrowed to fit. got a junk yard driveshaft that was the right length.
there are several s10 v8 sites on the web. do a search on google or yahoo.
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jegs has the parts for the s10 swap
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