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benchracer1 said:
Got an 84 chevy blazer. Does anybody know how to get the door handles off? They are loose but I am not sure how to disconnect the linkage.
If we are talking full size Blazer pull the handle out of the hole and if you look up from the underside you will see that under the lock cyl there is a hole, about an eigth inch or so hole. If you push a poker or something up into that hole it will push a metal spring that will release the lock cyl. The lock cyl will go back into the door out of your way. Then, unbolt the latch so it falls down a little allowing the handle to be brought down (the rod from the latch to the handle is keeping it from going down) so you can get the arm of the handle out from the door.

The rod is attached to the handle with a clip that needs the flat part that goes over the arm*to be pulled out a little and slid off the arm releasing the rod.


*The arm has a small hole in it and the flat part of the clip has a little bent piece that goes into it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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