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I am 61 years old and have been building and repairing my own cars and trucks all my life...started when I was 14 fixing my Honda 50…

I was a Gas station mechanic for about 5 years when I was around 20, around 1965.

I then into Heating and A/C repair/service..a couple of years..

Then I when into TV repair/service..

Then Movie props maker…long story…if interested check out

I still make my living making models.

I still work on my own cars.

I am working on a custom 1993 Chevy G 20 Van.
I am trying to build a great torque motor for it, one I hope for great MPG.

I am now looking into 383 motors for the greater torque.

I also have a 2000 Ford Mercury and a 1991 Toyota.

Cars I have owner….1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk, swapped out the old Packard for a study 289.. 64 Ford Mustang with a 260 motor, a 67 Cougar twice, one that I dropped a 352 into… a 1964 TR4 with a rebuilt motor, 65 and 69 VW Bug, 69 I rebuild a 1600 dual port, a 65 Chevy pickup which we dropped in a Caddy motor, 2 64 Ford Econo Vans , a 78 Bullnose Ford Van, a 1974 Chevy van then a 78 Chevy Van, then a 87 Chevy van drove two weeks and crank started knocking..still in back yard, 79 Camaro with a 305 which I swapped in a 200R4 into..a 79 Caddy Seville same trany swap, 91 Caddy with 305 Chevy motor, 98 Caddy Catera.

I did all repair and fix up work up until now…on all of those cars and Vans…

I am also researching higher MPG systems and devices. (I know nutty stuff… but..)



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