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Hi there
I want to introduce myself a bit. I've used your forum for many years, not posted a lot, but this seems to be the best place to get tuning information regardless of Ford/GM/Mopar preferences... Let me explain the heading first. I've always been a Chevy man, great engines, plentiful and cheap parts. But now our daily drivers are Jeeps, and last but not least, I've drifted into DeTomasos. And they have Ford engines, a new world to me. Now that I've worked "both sides", I can see advantages on both engines.

I have a Pantera with a 600HP stroked Cleveland, and a Longchamp with the original 270-300HP 351 Cleveland. I didn't build the 600HP engine, the previous owner got it built at MME Racing, but when it dropped a valve last year, I got to see it inside, many fine parts. 600HP sounds a lot from a naturally aspirated 408 cui engine, and the cam profile is hell'ish. But I have the dyno sheet saying 593HP (I call that 600;)). Reality may be 500+ in the car, regardless, it moves 3100 lbs quite fast.

I've authored the website , and I've had the pleasure to see that people on this forum have both recommended it to others, and occasionally copy pasted on this forum from the site. The site has 100+ unique visitors per day. Or I should say had. Because I spent this winter turning it into a book, available at amazon etc.: Tuning Made Easy, by Michael Hass :D

I still have my totally original 68 Camaro SS350, not much hot rodding on that, only original parts are allowed within 3 feet...

Thanks for listening
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