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Ok I have dropped an earlly 80's 350 chev into a toyota surf,I've had numerous teething problems but the latest one is its not idling as sweet as it should and also has a bad miss when you give it the gas sometimes bad enough to stall it.The carb has just been reconditioned,new HEI,new spark Plugs and leads,new fuel regulator only thing the hasn't been replaced is the fuel pump which is a Holly Blue Pump.It did overheat badly recently as a rubber push in sensor came out of the bottom radiator which caused it to lose oil pressure until I shut it down and pulled up.It was obviously starting to seize but the temp was only at 90 so thought it may of run a bearing until I notice the sensor missing which as a result was only running on steam so I've figured, which is why the gauge didn't read properly.Anyway have had it going again and oil pressure all good,no knocks just not running as sweet as it was.Don't know if this is a result of when I cooked it or not as I can't figure it out as all the components that would cause this are new or reconditioned, any idea's?It's definately running on 8 just not as sweet as it should be.

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Have you checked the basics, plugs, vacuum leaks etc. Could have warped the head. Any water in oil or oil in water.

Haven't checked the plugs but they are brand new,nor have I checked for vacuum leaks yet,it is going to be the next thing on the cards cheers.

No water in the oil or oil in the water cheers.
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