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Enclosed is a copy/paste email from the Will County IL historical society, Joliet, IL.

If you were there, please read.


Do you remember the Chicago Snow Storm January 26, 1967?

When 23 inches of snow fell on Chicago in less than a day and a half in
the late winter of 1967 it not only paralyzed the economic life of a
great city, but also stopped grandpa cold in his tracts in his boats
about the horrible winters he endured as a boy. Weather Bureau records
showed definitely that there had been no such snow for more than 80 years.
The preceding extraction was printed in the January 28, 1968 issue of
The Illinois Intelligencer as part of Illinois' Sesquicentennial

Pictures and related stories about the storm:

South Suburban Genealogical & Historical Society is looking for stories
about the storm of 1967 to include in an upcoming publication.

Where were you forty years ago on January 26, 1967? Write a short
paragraph or two about the Snow Storm that hit the Midwest and what you
did or what happened to your family on that day. Include your name
(maiden name), where you lived then and where you live now. Anyone have
a photo you can share?
It's easy and fun! Have a part of your family history preserved.

Start today by answering these basic questions. Who, what, where, when
and how. Then make it into a short story. Don't worry about grammar or
spelling, we'll fix that part.

Please submit your story and pictures by the end of March 2007 directly to:
[email protected]

Thank you!

South Suburban Genealogical & Historical Society
/Serving south Cook and east Will counties,
Illinois /
/ including Chicago's Roseland and Pullman
South Suburban Genealogical & Historical Society Web Site

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Global warming Huh? In the summer (your winter) of '67 my father who was an officer in the local Country Fire Assosiation spent about 3 weeks away from home fighting bushfires.
As a 6yo I remember going with Mum and my sisters to milk Max Rippons cows - he was fighting fires too. Then we milked Charlie Robertsons' cows, etc. We got time off school as all the kids in the district had to help the women milk the local herds.
Our farm was about 2 miles from the beach, and after a week or so the women organised a picnic at the beach to cheer everyone up - we hadn't seen our fathers for a couple of weeks. I can remember wading in the shallows and seeing embers from the bushfires 30 MILES AWAY landing in the water. My father finally came home and slept the clock 'round.
It's interesting to hear of your extreme winters - I'll bet an ice cold beer they match our burning summers - year in, year out.
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