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I would need to know how much your talking about chopping . I did one by clipping the top and leaning the windshield back 4 inches this lowered the top and I could use a stock windshield . I had to do away with vent windows and replace them with smaller fixed ones . the door glass was just fine , you didn't have to rolle it up as far . A good chop job requires thought and more than likely a spair top to cut patch panels from . Older chevys are much simplier because of the flat door glass , I have found windshields already cut for a 4 and 6 inch drop on the 60 to 72 trucks . I am told they offer a 4 and 6 for the 73 to 80 model and 80 to 88 model trucks . Chopped windshields are expensive sometimes 3 times what a regular glass is . I opted to just cut the lower post and modify the dash to lean the glass frame back 4 inches , this shortens the top and door top widths . It looked good and gave it the sloped look of a new car . If you can find a short windshield bear in mind if someone throws a rock off a tire it will cost a mint to replace it and most likey you will have to wait on it depending on what part of the country your in . The glass shops here in central N.C. have a we will cut it but if it breaks you bought it policy . In other words they will cut a windshield for you but if they break it cutting it you bought it . I did an S10 convertable that took the governers trophy at Myrtle Beach S.C. , I know what it takes to do a nice cut job , time , patience , planning and money , so dont be in a hurry to butcher your truck till you cover all the bases ,
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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