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Chopping my 37 Olds

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I want to chop my 37 Olds 2Dr sedan, but don't think I want to attempt it myself. If I take it to a body shop, what is a fair estimate to do this kind of work? I don't want to get screwed...
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Now this is a rough estimate 3500-6000 grand.If your payin 3500 it aint gonna be pretty.5000 grand for a 2 dr sedan is about right around here.I think a 37 olds has some wood in it does it not?? That might cost you more. Now i am sure a friend of a friend got his done for 1500 bucks ,but i bet it looked it. Things to look for and ask about. Are they going to lean the windsheild back(if they do dont let them do it a lot cause it looks hacked.)Also are they going to wedge cut it(another one that dont look to good) If you have a shop do it.Make them cut it and tack it all the way before they do the finish weld.Only give them a 1/3 the cash till it looks like you want it. Take a picture of your car and slice and dice it with a razor blade to see what you want it to look like.Chops done right are great,badly done your better off stock.
Wow!!! Looks like I am chopping the top myself..
If you will go to the HAMB website:

there are guys there that will take a jpg. file of your car and use Photoshop to show you how it would look with various treatments. That board is mostly rodders, not hot rodders. You could also probably find someone there who has done a car like yours or one very similar.
The home chop top is not as complicated as it may seem. a Friend of mine choped his 34 Ford coupe himself and it turned out quite nicely. you just have to make sure ,as Phat, said that you make sure you tack all theway around the chop abut 2-3" aprt before you complete the finishing weld. This will help prevent warping and buckling Caused by uneven heat distribution. hope that was some help
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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