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Not disagreeing, but I'm not talking about a parts store reman. He currently has a well-used 305. There are millions of perfectly fine 350s sitting in junkyards with similar or fewer miles than his 305 for $300. If he plays his cards right, he can have 275hp in a bone-stock 350 for far less than he can make that power with his low-po 305. Heck, he's money ahead to buy a wheezer late 70s 350 to replace his wheezer 305 and drop it in as-is.

This is why I should never post in any thread that has "305" in the title. People always try the "it's what I have" argument and never listen to reason. But, like you say... his money. If he wants to spend more for less, it's on him.
You do know he’s wrenching in the parking lot and has no place to remove and replace his current motor. His only option is in frame. A piece at a time.
but sadly ‘Karen’ will get tired of his hard work and have the whole mess hauled away to the impound yard.
1 - 2 of 122 Posts