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After removing my lifters and inspecting them, I have learned that I need to replace my camshaft and my lifters...

If I'm going to replace the camshaft then I want to do it possibly with something a little better than stock...

I wanted to sound choppy/lopey...

What is a good camshaft and lift a kit that will make my engine sound a little more choppy ?
Of the 305 engines, yours is reasonably well tuned for its I tended use and is biased toward more torque than horsepower. If I was choosing a cam, I would stay pretty close to factory specs or just a very small bump up. You might do well, by using a fresh stock cam and invest in an exhaust upgrade, to enhance the sound you desire. A freer flowing exhaust could help more than the cam without destroying drivability.
1 - 1 of 122 Posts