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El Camino Chris
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Chris from Boise, ID. 67 years beat up, but the old farts club says 'Any day
above the grass is better than below it' I agree!!!
My car history starts in 1969 with a '55 hardtop 327 3-speed in high school.
Then in Air Force in 1971, the Nicest Car I ever owned, 1969 Z/28 Camero
302 4-speed, 4-wheel Disc Brakes (only about 900 built). This car No **** would pull the front left tire off about 2-3 inches and run 12.87. Montana State Police allowed me to go full throttle for 1 1/2 miles and clocked me
with Vascar (like Radar in 1973) @ 147 + :D....
Since 5 more Cameros, Chevelles, Malibu, El Caminos & Chevrolet Pickups.
Now I have 1999 Crew Cab Dually (supercharged) (FOR SALE) 1974 3/4 ton Dually (single back tire) 454 and latest 1986 SS El Camino 383 stroker with
many engine with upgrades, Trick Flow Alum 2.02 heads, 700R V 4-speed auto, Currie posi and a complete front & rear Tube Suspension with all new
front end & Disc Brakes.....Building hopefully a 12. second street car..

Look forward to reading all about my favorites, CHEVROLET.............

Chris - Boise:eek:


El Camino Chris
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El Camino Chris

Hi guys,
I thought one of you mentioned the world of shut ins. My 4th attempt at
knee replacement:pain: in 2 years and now the death bug.:pimp: I'm pretty good at sleeping. HOPE everyone ends up well soon........................

I tried to list everything we have to use, then I read Comp mutha "Thumper" requirements 9:1 compression, High performance aluminum manifold, headers 2500 stall converter, gears....
I have everything on theirlist.
For you to understand, I pay for shop time and this build was all about my
friends hours. My knees are too bad to do very much so It cost more than I
budgeted for. I'm sure that has never happen to any of you ???

More info to mess up the pie. The mutha "Thumper" I purchased was part #
12-601-8 (235-249) Hydraulic Roller Camshaft :mad:
853-16-R17 Comp Hydraulic High Energy Roller Lifter
Roller Rockers Machined Aluminum (Gold & Black) 1.75 & 1.50
Block was Decked

So my situation is financial, meaning I am forced to used what I have less
the cam (lamp).

I have been at Lunati , Voodoo
Cams and Crower Web sites. They have a kinda of a specs page/questionaire, but I didn't have all the data yet.:D

I guess there is going to be a few phone calls and a couple local shops to
hopefully cure my problems.

This site was my first to actually have someone try to help with my
bottomless pit
Anything anyone has to offer
I am open to a new learning experience about
the amazing SBC

I'll be checking in.
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