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Time traveler stuck here...
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Hiya there, I thought the title would get some attention.. Yes I am in the land of the headhunter... I'll be back to the USA/TEXAS after the new year.. thats the way the job works.
I got your link from Team Chevelle.. Great guys.. and by the looks of the place, this will be a great place to start. I have a 72 malibu that needs finishing, so it will be awhile before the next project.. he he he , but it doesnt hurt to start looking at the neat ideas.

Thanks for letting me in, Ill be a decent fit in here as I have octane running thru the veins..
Welder for 30 years. YIKES how time flies..
INspector for awhile as well. but that doesnt make me 70 yet..LOL dang timesheets...LOL
I look forward to learning the real way!!
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