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I have a 63' galaxie thats all origanal down to the paint the only thing that is changed is the tires and I still have the original tires and wheels still mounted that I take to car shows with me.

I wish that I couldsay the car is perfect but id be lying! the paint is almost 40yrs old and it shows.

what I need help in is The body moldings and chrome are showing lots of age not dented or pitted but they just dont shine like they should Ive tride several types of waxes and cleaner to no availe. any sugestions
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one of the best chrome cleaners i've used is called NEV-R-DUL. Haven't seen anything work better than this. If you've tried it and are not satisfied then i guess it's time to rechrome.

I've had good results with MAAS. I got a tube at a swap meet once. I am not a fan of Mothers wadding. Just an opinion
I'm afraid your 'chrome' trim may be annodized aluminum. Ford began using it a lot in the 60s. If so, it won't shine again, no matter what you do, short of having it chromed or professionally polished to strip off the weathered annodize. If it looks dull and whiteish, that's the problem.

If it is really chrome, it should respond great to Mothers chrome polish or any of the ones suggested above.
Check out zoopseal on page 142 of July Street Rodder magazine.
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