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I got an 87 BMW L6 and the cigarette lighter recently stopped charging my cell phone. (essential for work)

the lighter doesn't stay down by itself when pressed and it doesn't get warm if i hold it down by force.

is this a fuse problem or did the socket just break?

how can I test this?

strange thing is my old cell phone car charger just burned out a few days ago.

I just bought a new one and realized it wasn't the charger.

could a surge have burned out the charger and the socket at the same time?

or is it some spring within the lighter itself? (it looks fine)



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Sounds like...

Doc here:pimp:

Sounds like when your old charger burned up, It imposed an overload on the fuse blowing it out, check the fuse and replace if required.

Your old lighter may not work anymore because the adapter may have "stretched" or "worn" the Canister, especially if it has a lot of use and wires hanging off it to get pulled and tangled..

You may have to get a new lighter. (if you use it) And at rat shack, you can get lighter adapters, (like 1 into 2 or 3 for Cell and computer etc..) That have their own fuse inside them...Saves you from doing the upside down thing...looking for the fuse under the dash.

Even better yet, Wire A Plug for your adapter in your glove box or center console ... Out of sight..out of won't have all the wires "Hanging" around out your Dash...

Doc :pimp:
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