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The car is at my mother's garage, but over the years my (late) father had collected, as we all do, a lot of stuff.

I had been putting small dents in the piles of stuff cluttering up the old garage. Tonight I took two car loads of junk away.

The worst of it, was his grandsons had used it as an oil change depot for a while, so tucked away in the corner were various open containers of used oil, filters, oil saturated kitty litter. What a mess!

It took the best part of 4 - 5 hours cleaning, but what a huge difference. Now I have the work area I need!

This is kind of a transition time, on the car, where I am switching to 90% bodywork and paint preparation. This will, hopefully, give me the new motivation to get going, and make good progress on the body work ;)
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