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This is the issue and it's a big one, with only one coat you can easily sand through it, that sand through edge will allow solvents from the next coat to get under it between the clear and the basecoat and wrinkle it!:pain:

I can't tell why these areas look "rough" looking at this post, I am not there. But you could have likely had applied another coat with a more even application and those rough spots would have been lessened. They then could have been corrected with a light sand and another coat without fear of sanding through.

OR there was some sort of "flow" problem in those areas because of something on the substrate (the paint under it) and spraying a few very dry coats over that area would "bridge" the area. Let it flash off good and then apply a med wet coat over the whole thing and those areas may have been "buried" under that last coat and nearly gone.

Without seeing it in person it's hard to say. But now, you will need to apply another coat of clear and I say "scuff" what you have without sanding the texture off and apply another coat or two THEN sand that flat and apply another to correct this.

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