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This is my first post and my first renovation project. I have purchased a Silver 1985 Toyota MR2. It has the original paint and clear coat. The front hood's clear coat is peeling off. I will eventually be painting the car (the same color as it's orignial), but want to protect what paint is there (which BTW is in pretty good condition) until I can get it painted. So my question is: 1) can I get the clear coat off? 2) can I protect the paint underneath it? and 3) HOW?
Thanks in advance for your help.

The Penny Pincher
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That would be pretty difficult.
Even if you could remove only the clear coat, the base would
be scratched and marred at the very least, so it wouldn't look
right once cleared.
Base is very easy to marr and damage without clear on it.
Besides, if the clear isn't sticking now, the new clear may not either.
You need to at least sand through all the clear and scuff up the base
real good, I'd recommend sanding most of the base off to be safe.
And if you want a real "durable" job, like a hood where you want to
minimize rock chips, then a primer coat of epoxy before painting is
the best insurance. It'll make stronger adhesion.
You just can't trust whats there, the more you remove, the better
in the long run. :pimp:
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