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clearing bmw light.....

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i have a 1993 528 e bmw. the "inspection" light has been on for a long time. how can i clear it?
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Pull the bulb out....;) Now I think on them Beamers you need the scan tool to reset inspection light. I don't think the pulling the neg battery terminal for 2 minutes works for this application. I may be wrong..
you can get the service tool to clear the light they are only cheap
they are about £20 over here so they a probely cheaper were you are have a look on
sc2dave said:
i have a 1993 528 e bmw. the "inspection" light has been on for a long time. how can i clear it?

I have a same year 325i

the brake inspection light came on.........I changed the breaks but the light stayed on.......I was thinking it must be a bad sencer

Would the service tool work on break light as well, or is it most likely that I have a bad sencer?
That will be a bad sensor remove the wheels and unplug the sensors and see if the light gose out,then plug the sensors back in one by one until the light comes back on then you have found the problem.If that dosent work get someone to watch the light on the dash and you can move the wiring on the sensor,s and the plug for the sensor and see if that brings the light on and off
see ya stuart
Thanks Stuart

Ill do that.

but now I may have a bigger prob.........the SRS light started blinking on me about 3 weeks ago, then it would go off about 5 min. later, but now it would blink and stay on :(

Now I may have no choice but to take it in to get checked........last thing I want is to be driving down the road, and the bags to go off for no reason :eek:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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