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Wrenchers, I purchased a Cloyes hex adjust timing set for my FE390...the
advantage was to have plus or minus 6 degrees of timing adjustment without
disassembly. Heh, I got infinite degrees of adjustment as the adjuster failed
as in BROKE! My engine was on the dyno, the part survived cam break-in.
The adjuster was too hard to be drilled out and the builder and machinist
drilled a new dowl hole in the cam nose 180 degrees from the first, bushed
the adjuster hole and installed a new solid dowl. With extra dyno time and
machining, the bill was $400.
I was told by Cloyes' tech that this is a problem inhierant to Ford cam design with only the bolt and dowl to hold the timing gear. I was also told
this sometimes happens with heavy valve spring pressure. Likewise, I was told they are no longer making them in this fashion. Also told what my builder did was a fix...and some others too. Sounds like, smells like, looks
like, must be!!!!!
I was offered a new timing set if I could produce warranty
or cash with performance parts...I was told that was the policy. I said my
policy was to inform the internet. I was then given the name of V.P. of
sales; Tim Murphy. I contacted him over a week ago and again today...
could only leave a message; the old hide behind the machine crap!
So screw them!!!!
Since this episode, my builder showed me a chevy that broke the Cloyes
chain. A cousin said he bought a Cloyes chain with as much stretch as the
100,000 mile he sought to replace. And a neighbor told me he got a Cloyes
set with the timing marks, marked wrong. Step right up!!!!
The companies produce products and want the consumer to accept all
responsibility for their crap.
Sorry Cloyes, don't give me another spoonful; I'm full. Beware fellows. Tim

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Man, I am sorry to hear about your misfortunes, thats a bummer. I have been using Cloyes timing components for 25 years(most for SBC's) and never had a problem.
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