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How's it going guys? I have a 72 chevelle 350 4 brl carb. I can pretty much do minor things to the engine and body to help keep it up pretty well. I'm looking into having the whole car fully restored, but I really am in over my head when it comes to performance parts to boost power in the engine. I would like to have the engine overhauled to turn it into a mean machine, but I have no clue what to tell the mech I want to have done to it. Are there web sites that you guys know of that would help me educate myself on how to match performance parts to get the most out of my chevelle.
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hang around here more...

and ask questions...let people know your new to the hobby and to have patience with you and ask your questions. You can also search the archives for information too.


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How exactly do you want it to perform? Stoplight to stoplight or flat out hauling down the highway...or something in between.

Gotta know what you want before deciding what to get.
I don't know half as much as most of the regulars here, but that does not stop me from having a good time wrenching.

Just jump in and start doing tune up type work. Get a good baseline and make sure the basics are good to go before you jump off into modifying the car any. Plus the tune up is a good way to get to know the car.
I'm pretty good when it comes to fixing things. I can pretty much do anything when it comes to fixing a problem with the engine. I just need more experience with performance parts. For example, If I decided to put a performance cam in it, what else would I have to do to the engine to help balance out the equation to help the engine adjust better to the new cam?
Well you pick a cam for a certain RPM range. Well you have to make sure the manifold matches that range roughly for optimal performance. Also pick a carb that flows enough, but not too much. there is a formula for picking your carb size. Can't recall it. But it is probably in the knowledge base. I saw an article in one of the recent magazines where they did a test on carb size and while the test engine was unchanged they increased the carb size. Well the biggest increase was from the 390 cfm to the 600. The increase above that were negligible. So for an average street small block I would say 600 is probably a good starting point.

One additional thing to consider is your transmission and an appropriate speed rated stall converter.

The best advice probably comes from tech support at places like edlebrock or comp cams. They could probably set you up with a combo that would work well for your car and how you intend to use it.
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