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comp extreme energy cams

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Has anyone used comp cams extreme energy cams? I know the magnum cams are ground 4 degrees advanced so you can install them "straight up" and still have great performance, but are the extreme energy cams ground this way or do they need to be degreed? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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Geeze, talk about good to speak. I am holding in my hands an xtreme energy comp cam (249-cl12-238-2). The instructions mention that it comes 4 degrees advanced...out of the box.

Is that what you needed?
Thanks, that was exactly what I needed to know. :D
that block I am setting up has one, and the machine shop told me it was already advanced 5 degree's.
Solowookie, your shop might be using a guage apre's install to determine that....much more accurate according to what I read. I'm just giving the numbers off the literature. Cool.
I did the block assembly myself, but they said they've had people do their assemblies, and ask why their vehicles ran like crap; come to find out they had advanced their cam when they installed it, and ended with their cam advanced too much. :eek:
Install it "straight up" in relation to the bolt holes and you'll have no problems.
All cams are ground for straight up installation. You change the mfr's. recommendation because you want to capitalize on something like better low end torque or more high end power. Any time you have a question like the one you just asked, go straight to the manufacturer's help line and ask. Its free and they know the answers. Good luck and use lots of assembly lube and be sure to follow the mfr's break-in advice. Cams are not pressure oiled at the lobe, so the worst thing you can do is to idle it during the first few minutes of running. They would get hot, ruin the cam and ruin the lifters.
Go with the manufactures recommends. They grind the cams 4* advanced for ware of the chain. Put the crank stright up and the cam stright down. Thats what they have on their spec book.
If you go to their site they have all the info that your asking, plus more, great info.
site is
Good luck
Comp xr270

Yes. Yes. Yes. Just put mine in straight up and I have a monster. #12-422-8
XR270HR-10. Call Comp Cams tech. I did about 5 times. They are great.
To find out how much a cam is advanced, deduct the intake centerline from the lobe separation angle.
intake centerline 106
exhaust centerline 114
lobe separation angle 110 (106 +114 divided by 2)
110 less 106 = the cam is ground 4 degrees advanced.
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