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Complete Fast XFI fuel injection system with wiring for chevy

I bought these for a project I was working on but ended up going a different route.

This was bought for a supercharged gen 1 chevy in a 67 camaro, but I ended up doing a ls1 swap and I ended up just using the factory computer.

301-000 is the fast xfi computer
301-100 is the main harness
301-200 is the injector harness
301-300 is the ignition harness adapter

I bought these brand new from summing and what I paid is below.

301-000 - $1665
301-100 - $355
301-200 - $120
301-300 - $30

For a total of $2170

I will sell it all for $1800. Its all brand new in the boxes

Easy way to save some bucks! This is all brand new in the box. I just opened the boxes to inspect, but never even removed them from the box!


Asking Price: $1,800.00
Condition: Excellent

Location (City, State, Country): Michigan
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