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I really dont know why someone moved that post to the dump, I hope it was a mistake on the admins part because that was a good and simple question that whoever it was, was asking.

Yes, a CCC Q-jet can be used just fine on a non-computer controlled engine, but not as a replacement.

While the CCC Q-jet will work on the car, the CCC version of the q-jet sometimes lack the idle speed screw and other adjustments that can be needed. For example you will notice an idle speed screw on the right hand side of the non-CCC carbs. But on the CCC carbs this screw is missing or on the lower part of the carb. Especially on Q-jets with the 3 wire idle circut controlled by the computer. There simply is no need for it as the computer decides what to set the idle speed at.

As said other adjustments are missing like the two other screws for the plunger on the top plate of the carb.

You should'nt use a CCC Q-jet on a car as a permanent replacement without a computer, you will find that it will sometimes need to be jerry rigged in order to get it to work right. Especially getting it to idle.
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