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I need some help with this machine. I’ve posted before and derived invaluable help here.
my machine was moved while I was in the hospital with a stroke. It apparently fell on its side damaging the tensioner. I got all new parts for the repair and getting ready to set it up for my grand son to start learning about this part of restoration.

ive always had trouble installing bobbins. I’m using pre wound ones. I’ve searched the internet but not found exactly what I need. It’s been nearly 10 years since I did my Willys interior and other than a few dog leashes it’s all I’ve done with it. Through trial and error I usually get the bobbins to work ok. But I’d really like some pictures so I can better help my grand son. He is ver patient and a good learner.he already does excellent body work and reconstruction. So he would like to add interior work I told him it’s going to take time to learn upholstery construction but he is willing to haveat it.

i can fix the damaged parts but threading the bobbin always eluded me. I’m like a hit and miss engine doing this task. I have lots of vinyl material left over as well as other fabrics. The machine is still in pretty good shape and has a near newservo motor and belt. It’s mounted on a sturdy table too.

thanks in advance.

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