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I'm a mechanic for a tractor puller in europe called little dan. Its a 950kg mini puller with a 10L arias block chevy complete with dart heads....blower and constant flow methonal injection producing around 1800hp

We are having great difficulty getting controlable Hp out of it.
at the moment the system is eather on or off. if you start to feed it in the engine black fires and blows the belt off. i'm after something to let you play around with the throttle abit more without it leaning out and backfireing and snapping the belt off.

fuel pump is on the cam shaft the fuel is controled buy the valve block under the bird cacher this also links into thje butterflys. the fuel then goes to 2 meetering blocks which shared the fuel between the blower and the intake manifold. 8 injectors in the manifold and 10 injectors in the blower.


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