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1963galaxiexl said:
I am converting a 352 FE to a 390. The 352 was already .030 over so I just decided to complete the bore to 4.050 and put in standard size piston. My question is the 390 crank is longer than the 360 which was there previously so how is my pulley and balancer affected. Also, will my timing chain cover, water pump and other attachments work??
Any suggestions on what cam to use. I thought I had a 428 but not sure.
All your 352 stuff will fit the 390 (except of course the crank, rods and pistons). Heads, pulleys, flywheel, gaskets, oil pump, seals, everything is the same. In fact if you go to a 428 everything is the same there too, except the flywheel.

New FE owners have a tough time making sure of what size they have because the block is not correctly marked. Only way to check without taking the crank out is to measure piston rise and fall with a dowel in the spark plug hole and that is none too reliable.

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