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So Any of you guys got any cool car stories (Real life experiences) that are funny, dumb, or just something that you did that you regret now? I thought that this would make a pretty interesting topic. for me I'll let you do the math,

1 1985 Gmc Sierra (2 wheel drive, shortbed)+ Four 16 year olds+ skidder trail+ 3 four wheelers=(you do the math)
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This happened in May. I've got this million candle light spot light that plugs into the cigarette lighter. It's about 12 at night, on a week day, I'm driving about 15 mph through this ghetto and my friend Mike is shining the light on peoples houses, these people probably thought the police were going to raid their house, which isn't uncommon where we were. We get back to the area were Mike lives, back roads, and he's shining the light on the drivers of the cars coming towards us! I told him to knock it off, thats going to piss people off. Well he keeps doing it and this guy in a truck starts pulling a u-turn right after he goes past us. Mike's like "oh * some dudes coming after us." So I take off, were flying, I can't loose the guy in the truck but I was able to maintain my lead. I don't know the roads I'm on, Mike's giving me directions while I'm driving. Were going down one road and Mike says "slow down for the rail road tracks up here." Yea right, I never slow down for rail road tracks. Turns out there is a big dip after the tracks, that I would have slowed down for if Mike told me about. So I go over it like the General Lee. Mike had me turn into a huge development and I finally lost the guy in the truck.

On the way back to Mike's house I told him to shine the light on the road. So he shines the light on the road and I killed my headlights. He starts freakin out, but he deserved it. I told him he better keep beam aimed at the road. After two minutes I turned my lights back on.

I've got lots more, I'll see if anyone else participates before I post more.
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I put this in the General Rodding section a while back, but it's a dumb story that I'll never forget.

When I swapped the rear end in my El Camino and had to bleed the brakes. My wife said she had done it before to help my son. I refreshed her memory about pumping the pedal and holding. Well, after numerous tries, she said the pedal was still going to the floor and I wasn't getting any fluid out of the wheel cylinders. Tried again the next morning same resuilts. So, I thought I'd try bleeding the master. I asked her pump the brakes again and it was then that I saw that she had been pumping the gas pedal.
I have several of these, but I remember one that was a real bummer! About two weeks after I rolled my Camaro (another story all-together).... I was out with two of my buddies in my pick-up. A 91 Chevy K1500 with a 3" lift and 33" tires. We were out 4 wheeling and decided to cross a river to gain access to some fun rock climbing. Well after we had our fun riding the rocks we decided to head home, but the place that we came to the river was not the same place we crossed before. Since the trail came to the river I figured it must be shallow enough to drive through..... It was not! About the same time my rear tires were submerged in water the front of the truck fell in a hole that was about 4 feet deep. I tried to get us out by trowing it in reverse, but I couldn't get any traction. By this time the doors couldn't be opened due to the water pressure and we all had to climb out the sliding rear window, into the bed and sit and watch patiently as my truck filled with water.... :(

Finally a guy in a Blazer came to pull us out, but he broke his axle.... Having been brought up on Chevys I was really disappointed when the guy who did get my truck out was driving a Ford......Ranger.....:mad:

If any of you have ever tried to revive a drowned motor, you know what I went though for the next few weeks...:sweat:
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VWFan said:

If any of you have ever tried to revive a drowned motor, you know what I went though for the next few weeks...:sweat:
One of our full time deputies(I am a reserve) basically lost a motor in his patrol car due to the water effect.
Wmarden said:
One of our full time deputies(I am a reserve) basically lost a motor in his patrol car due to the water effect.

Did he ever find it??

well the sheriff found a 4000 dollar or so bill for a new motor. And the deputy had to sit carefully for awhile due to the chewing.

uummm, ill wait a couple posts ;) .
The year was 1975...I was 27yrs old

bought a 71 Chevelle with a 402 form a guy who was getting divorced...paid $700 for it. Was cruising Broadway when my brother in law in his Mach1 mustang pulled up. He had just installed a new 428 and was smoking the tires when we pulled away from a light at the same time I floored the Chevelle and spun it completely around in the intersection...scared me good..embarrassed me too....I didn't intend to do that???


Rat Rods Rule!
After I got my first mustang, An 81 Gt mustang way back in highschool me and some friends would go out cruisin, not really doing anything, Just cruisin havin some fun and one of us has the bright idea to grab a garbage can that was infront of a guys house and do about 60k down the road then let it go. WELL, It was recycling week I guess because my friend mike who was sitting shotgun reached out and grabbed this garbage can FULL of paper. SO i'm doing about 70 k down this back road at like 1 am and mike lets go of this huge garbage can full of paper and it smacks into the rear end of a big cube van. Paper went everywhere, I could barely see I was crying from laughing so hard. I guess the guy had just parked it and was walking into his house, He saw us, got into his car, I think it was a lesabre or something like that, and decided to chase after us for about 20 blocks. I took a wrong turn and ended up in this coltasec so I was trapped. buddy in the lesabre came within about 2 inches from slamming into my car, he jumped out, I locked both doors and had to drive thru this guys white picked fence in order to get around his car. After we took off he stopped chasing us but Man were we scared.. I thouhgt for sure he was going to tune us up.
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haha, my friends did the same thing right after school one day, grabbed a large trashcan that has wheels, it was a BFI trashcan if anyone has trash pickup from that company. At about 65mph my friend Mike let go of it and it slammed into the side of the car and flipped. Some how someone got my friends license plate number and the state police were knocking on his door a few hours later.

If you look at a picture of my Caprice you'll see it sits up kind of high. My old boss and I replaced the old springs with new ones for a Caprice with the heavy duty suspension for the police package. They are really stiff, you can't bottom that car out. Anyway I'm driving to the garage/gas station I'm working at, at the time, it's right in the center of town at the corner of a traffic light on main street. I'm coming down the side street that meets the traffic light. Right at the light is a bad dip that most people scrape on when they go over it doing 25. I see my boss, another mechanic, and the guy who drove the tow truck standing outside of the bay doors so I floored it. I hit the dip going about 50, the car jumps into the air and lands with me holding my foot on the brake so I could hopefully slow down enough to make my turn into the parking lot. When I walked up to the bay doors those guys were shaking their heads. I said "what am I late?" My boss said "you're unbelievable."
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Better off not trying to impress.....

I was merging onto the interstate just yesterday afternoon. A sweet young thing in the passenger seat of a delivery van gives me the :thumbup: so I smile back. I jam on the gas, hit 5,000 and grab 4th gear. Or, I attempt to grab 4th gear. My piston shift knob comes off in my hand and the old Muncie is only about 1/2 way into 4th when I sidestep the clutch. Had the knob stayed on the shifter, everything would have been cool. "Had" being the operative word. As it turned out, my timing on the shift was perfect, but the results were far from it. As the clutch comes out, my right foot hits the floor and some god awful sounds come out of the trans! My tach is bouning off the peg on the other side of 7,000. I recover and hit 4th correctly. All this in the span of like 2 seconds. That is what I get for trying to show off. God bless the short stroke 283! It survived, although my pride was fatally wounded!
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