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Coolant in oil. Need help identifying cause.

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This is sort of related to my other post regarding a cam swap. In the process of learning more about that process, it was discovered that the dumped oil contains a good amount of coolant. The results of the oil test can be found here. Suffice it to say, there is coolant in the oil. So I am now taking a detour on my way to a different cam as this issue will have to be addressed first.

I am looking for help identifying where the coolant may be seeping into the oil. I will do a pressure test tomorrow, but for now I have pulled the spark plugs out and stuck an endoscope into all the cylinders. The results are below. Note that the truck has not been driven or started in about 3 days prior to my doing this work.
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Here are some picture from the endoscope. All pistons look about the same - pretty carboned up. Some, however, have what appears to be moisture. Can you guy draw any conclusions?

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I noticed that when the rad is under pressure, there is a small leak of coolant right here:
View attachment 628618

So it's not where the flare nut from the ATF line threads on, but rather around the base of the biggen nut that, assume, threads into the rad body. That seems mighty close to the where the ATF is. How do I check if that ATF container inside isn't letting in coolant?
If it was your trans fluid would be turning pink.
It would appear that the Thumpr cam I had was on its way out anyway. Glad I'm swapping it. Check this out.
Yes sir she is done.
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