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One time I was at the local cruise night, (on a good night prolly about 100 cars; 2 football field size fields full) and when they leave, they like to light 'em up. Well one night (just after school started) one guy got pulled over for it.:mad:

They should've pulled over this one guy with a big late 80s/early 90s ford on big mud tires with "balls" hanging from the diff. He leaves and spins 'em (no smoke and the mufflers sound sucky), turns around and does it again prolly 3 or 4 times. Or the import geeks that stop in the middle of the road and get 1 tire to chirp.

Note that this is out in the country, on a rural road. It's bve different if it was the suburbs or more crowded. There's a few houses across the road, and a pharmacy and pizza place kitty corner. And a cemetary next door.

-any "bad cops" crash a cruise night for anyone?

**note** I swear this was in "the lounge". How'd it get into general rodding tech? If you can , please relocate this thread. Thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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