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Cork or rubber

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What application/location??? It makes a difference.

Rubber intake gasket end seals = junk, ...cork is better here(or a good bead of RTV silicone).

Rubber one-piece oil pan gaskets are the cat's meow, ...cork multi-piece sets I won't use unless I have no choice and a one-piece isn't made.

Cork Auto Trans pan gaskets work the best for me, the nitrile rubber are terrible.

it depends on what its for as mentioned above
"if its for an oil pan 1 Pc Rubber All The Way!

if its for a valve cover i recommend cork for 2 reasons, 1. you can use permatex on the valve cover and mate them to the cover and they will stay on the cover no matter how many times you take it on and off.
2. they seem to work better for me then rubber on valve covers.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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