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corvette 427 engine

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I recently acquired a 427 chevy from a customer. It was a her late husbands and was building the motor to race. Ran the numbers and its a 66 Corvette 427. Block #'s 3869942, TOI27IP and 6113138 4 bolt main block. It's a mystery motor, aluminum rods, crank unknown and cam is in but also unknown. Cast in heads say HI PERF, GM 3T and E17 71. Was planning on keeping the motor but have decided to sell it to help buy a 72 im looking at. Was wondering if you guys could help me find the value or interested in the motor. Thank you.
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Not wanting to run you off, but a Corvette specific forum is going to be your best bet and your highest valuation will come from them, due to that "IP" code.
Here, it's just a 4 bolt main BBC block and performance Corvette guys it's practically gold plated because of that code.
Find a guy needing it for a numbers correct Corvette restoration and value could go 3 or 4 times what a hot rodder would pay.

You didn't list the head casting number....that can play a big part in the value also.
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