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Couple of questions...

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Sorry for the lack of description in the subject.

First of all, how much paint is required to paint a full size vehicle? Reason I'm wondering is I see House Of Kolor sells Chameleon paint by the quart for around $600!! Wondering how many you'd need to do an entire car (or truck).

Also, I was reading about metal thickness the other day, and despite what I thought I knew...I learned that Gauge and Thickness is not the same?!?!

Can someone give me the skinny on this? I was under the impression Gauge and Thickness were inter-changeable terms.
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It usually depends on the paint. Depending on the reduction, usually a quart will do the entire car including doorjams etc.

HK..the Master,
Have you dealt with the Chameleon colors from HOK? if so, is a quart still sufficient?

I'm not going to attempt this myself, just trying to get a round about idea of costs involved. Seems a quart of paint isn't that much at all!
It should do fine unless your painting a 4 door '59 caddy or station wagon or something laaaaarge. What are you painting?

If that stuff wasn't so frikin exspensive I'd let beginer painters train with it. Its incredibly easy to spray once you get used to the fact it changes color. I had trouble wrapping my brain aroud it at first, but I just did a licence plate for a friend and you could apply it in your sleep. Its just incredibly $$$$$$$!

I am just tossing around ideas for my 57 Chevy pickup. Not sure if I want to do the chameleon stuff or I said I probably wouldn't spray it myself, especially cause of the cost, I would want to screw up and end up wasting $600 + in one show
Correct me if I am wrong here guys, but from what I have been told 1 quart of the chameleon is enough for an entire car. From what I Understand it is designed to be a three stage with a single color base followed with the Chameleon and last clear. I have been told that it only takes One coat of the Chameleon on top of the base color. The base color of course influences the color of the Chameleon. I may be totally mislead here though....HK.....

<a href="" target="_blank"> 809223286&Dep_Key1=hok</a>

-Turbo you might be right on that I have no idea. I'd be interested to know.

Here's a spec sheet on Kameleon colors

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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