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Cowl Induction Hood

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I want to make my own cowl induction hood for my truck using sheetmetal. Any suggestions, I have another hood for it so that I can experiment with. I was thinking about just buying one that just tapes on or whatever, but I decided that I want a real cowl induction hood so got another hood to work with so that I didn't have to use the hood that is on my truck right now. How should I go about making this?
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What I would do is take some cardboard and start drawing out some templates. Cut them out and glue them togheter, place them on the existing hood and go from there. Once you'll have a first rough copy you'll see if you want it more curved, higher or smaller etc. If you dont have a metal brake I'd do it in 3 pieces. 2 identical side walls (which will end up looking like bent triangles) and 1 piece that goes across.

yeah thats what I figured I'd do
I made my own for my Blazer............just bent it with a home made brake, made from a 4 ft piece of angle iron bolted to a metal table. Where it flattens out at the top, I did a small weld...about 3 in each side.

I pop rivetted it on. I should have welded the corners, as the bondo cracked there after I painted it.

That table that it's sitting on is what I used to golt the angle to , to make the brake.

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what exactly is a brake and what does it do? I have somewhat of an idea but I figured I'd ask anyway

oh and that looks really cool on the blazer
A brake bends metal..............

Basically all I have is a piece of angle iron bolted to the table so that you can clamp the metal and bend it in a straight line.
cool. Tonight I'm gonna get ambitious and start working on my hood.
Check this on EBay...if you can understand blueprints and the principle of a sheetmetal brake....
Silentlion_69 said:
cool. Tonight I'm gonna get ambitious and start working on my hood.

Just a hint...When you bend the metal for the scoop, don't bend it too sharply. You want a kind of rounded bend.
Figures, my stepdad usually has like 20 sheets of sheetmetal that he uses for his business, he's all out, so now I'm gonna have to wait like a week or two before he gets more.
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