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need to edit a entry , do you use the screen name and pass word from here.. ?
do you have to set up a account..?
how are they linked, as I see wiki edits under peoples names..

the entry in question list info on gm A body's as g bodys..
no idea whom out of the 4 authors thought 1964-? are g bodys.. but it needs editing.. like to fix.. but not sure how to log in, to do so..

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Create an account there, link is at the top of the page.

I believe the article you're talking about was 'Choosing an engine for a G-body'. I had a hand in developing the article from a stub, but I had not proofread it (nor did anyone else) so it shouldn't have been given a category (this makes the article accessible).

Articles that are undeveloped are supposed to be put into the Undeveloped articles area only, not into the general categories like Engine or General hotrodding. I'm unsure how it got a category assigned. My best guess is it had already been given a category and I didn't remove it.

In any event, I take responsibility for it. It has been revised, but still needs work so feel free to add/subtract/change as you see fit.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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