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how do you price old engine parts and engines ?? i am lost..

i came across a 511 casting 400 engine in our storage shed out in the country that i didnt even know we had, and still dont remember.
it is complete but been sitting 10 or 12 years or longer dont know.

we have to clean the shed out and theres all kinds of stuff in there., VW, ford, chevy, pontiac engines and intakes and heads and other parts.... and its a disaster mess....
its all mid late 60s era parts except for a few things.
all been in there 25 or 30+ years

such as:
stock iron intakes like these:

3883948 1966-68 396 325hp L-35
427 385, 390hp L-36

3931067 1969 396 325hp L-35

exhaust manifolds like this:

3884504 1966-67 RH 396/427 325, 385, 390hp

and an alum intake:
One Year Only 1969 Corvette L36 427ci 390hp Low Profile

High Performance Intake Manifold

Casting #3947801

and so many heads mostly old BBC ones., and unknown old ford ones..

and then theres freaking sbc oil pans with sticks in the side of them? ***?
Nova/Chevy II ones ?


what are things like these worth ??

i gotta start digging and getitng pics and listing stuff on craigslist soon...

and then theres several different body parts and panels and other stuff as well from mustangs and other stuff

ive seen and owned and handled hundreds and hundreds of engine parts and old stuff over the years in my day but damn theres a crap ton more to go sheesh...


anyways whats a current fair value on a 511 400 sbc engine that has unknown history?
im sure it would run we wouldnt have kept it like this unless it was ok. hmmm,....

ive never been any good at pricing stuff and now i dont see much of this kind of stuff listed to get any ideas from..

the ford stuff im gonna be totally lost on.. i cant tell one old ford part or engine or engine part from another.... im not sure i can get by with the bbc stuff even,.,, i was kind of too late for the real bbc parts era when they were common etc about 20 years ago and such.. the 396 402 427 years i mean..

do have a bored JQ stamping code 1969 396 bored to 402 in the 72 chevelle project, and theres a complete 72 truck 402 we have stored as well.. but so rare to see around here.. only two ive ever seen..
other than what may be in the shed, etc..

oh that reminds me if anyone knows where i can find a good running shape old style holley 4bbl square bore carb for the chevelle then do get a hold of me because we need one so we can fire it up soon,
also an old holley fuel pump would be nice to locate too since it got stolen off the car when it was out in the country until the other day when we brought it to town.

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