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Custom Exhaust or Kit

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My 1984 Camaro has a 383 Stroker with 425 hp and I am now looking for the perfect performance, sound, etc, exhaust system. Any ideas. I've looked for kits but haven't found the right one. If you know of someone in Dallas that can custom build; that would work also. Thanks!
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How Loud?

Not so loud that it catches the attention of the police but I want people to know it has some !alls. (If you know what I mean) I'm using Hooker Shorty Headers with 3 inch collectors.
I'm running true dauls 2.5" with an x pipe and empty turbo pack housings, I had it at about 2800rpm at the redlight warming it up alittle during the last cold snap(around 25*)we had and didnt notice the deputy on my bumper for a few seconds,but I let off of it and granny shifted it when the light went green no blue lights. :sweat: I like the sound of twisters if youve gotta have mufflers, the thrush magnum glasspacks sound good but are disappointingly quiet.
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