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I have had Cyberdyne digital gauges in the 'J since '99. I burned up a voltmeter once and they replaced it without fee. Problem now is the temp gauge will 'wink out' occaisionally- just go black, then 2-3 minutes later back on. Having it happen several times this summer I noticed that the lettering underneath-( Water Temperature) gets brighter just before it happens. If I pull on the headlights (which dims the gauge) when this happens, then back off a few seconds later, I can avoid the 'wink out'... Weird, huh? I am wondering if an inconsistent ground could cause this or do you guys think it is internal? I'm leery of sending it back as Cyberdyne may find nothing wrong ( as it only happens maybe three times in a two hour drive) Any suggestions? I love the gauges and they have worked otherwise perfectly in the last 5 years/ 40,000 miles... Thanks!

*Moderator/Please bump to Electrical- my mistake! (can you tell I hardly ever post anymore?)
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