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cylinder head question

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hi i had bought a top end engine kit from speedmaster for a 427 bbc and i noticed there are no numbers anywhere on the heads. could anyone tell me what that could mean or why it could be? i thought numbers would be on all heads or am i wrong?
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what Bogie said^^^^
Either along the bottom edge below the exhaust ports, or just below the valve cover rail on the exhaust side of the head.....typically it is pin stamped (like a dot printer).
Some of the older ProComp/Speedmaster stuff was just inked with purple ink. Haven't seen that in 8+ years though.

Typically no cast identifier numbers or letters/logo's on the ProComp/SpeedMaster stuff.

Many times it can me identified by what the casting looks like ....whose casting did they clone/steal??
AFR, Dart, Brodix??
Post some pics.
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