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:smash: my project motor is in need of a good set of looking for a set of 180,72cc darts.anybody know of the cheapest place to buy a set.i found a set on ebay for $725 fully assembled.780 with shipping.i wanted a set of pro toplines but they went out of buis. and afrs are out of the question.(they r too proud of them)lol. any hoo .any help would be app.

heres what i have so far

.030 sb 400
eagle cast crank
eagle rods
zollner hyp.pistons (flattops 2valve rel)
comp extreme cl12-239-3 4x4 cam (.462/480) cam
rollmaster timing chain
clevete 77h bearings
power products crosswind intake (duel plane high rise w/ airgap)
cat 1.6 selfaligning roller rockers
demon 750 carb
block hugger shorty ceramic headers
arp main and head studs
fully balanced
tbh 350 with kevlar bands and clucthes
np 205 transfer case
342's in the chunk with dana lockers

i have the 882' s that came on it but they need reworking and for the money that i have in this thing already, no need to quit now (lol)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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