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I just recently got my 69 Bonneville back on the road, but the fuel gage wants to stay on 1/4 full and the dash lights don't come on at all, turn signals work , and headlights work fine,
I have replaced all the fuses, but no change,
when the painter took off the rear bumper, they forgot to dis connect the lisence plate light and just broke the wire, I spliced that and it works,,
the lisence lite and fuel gage wire both come from under the car at the same location, but the fuel gage wire seems to be ok,,
The car set for probably 5-6 years, and didn't have hardly any gas in it,, if any,
I am wondering if maybe the ethenol might have coroded the sending unit,
I hate the thought of having to take that HUGE battle ship sized gas tank out,,
gonna check the grounds for every thing today,, but those were never disturbed and worked fine before, but all it takes is one tiny wire loose to cause a huge headache,,,
any ideas ???
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