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Hey, I'm new here but not to hotrodding. I have a 79 bu 350,t5 tranny and 410 posi.My question is
can you do this successfully with all of the ss
guages working? I have the complete dash and the firewall to dash harness the donor car was sold before I could buy the rest of the wiring harness from the firewall to the engine bay. Do I need to find that car or can I buy a reproduction of the
firewall-out harness? Any help would be great!

ps.Just wondering how all of the Malibu builders
in the magazines are finding good interior parts. Thanks, Jon

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Pin out for Monte Carlo instrument cluster connector

Pin # Circuit # Color Connects to
1 25 BRN Alt lamp or Volt gauge
2 31 TAN Oil Press lamp or Oil Press Gauge
3 35 DK GRN Temp lamp or Temp gauge
4 30 PNK Fuel Gauge
5 8 GRA Dash Lights (Illum)
6 14 LT BLU Left Turn Signal
7 open
8 15 DK BLU Right Turn Signal
9 150 BLK Ground
10 489 YEL SES (Check Engine) lamp
11 39 PNK/BLK +12 volts (from 20 amp Gauges fuse)
12 11 LT GRN Bright Light lamp
13 237 YEL Seat Belt lamp
14 931 DK GRN/WHT Choke lamp
15 33 TAN/WHT Brake lamp
16 39 PNK/BLK +12 volts (from 20 amp Gauges fuse)
17 121 WHT Tach signal
18 40 ORN Clock supply voltage (always hot)

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Wiring for '79 Malibu

40 Orange Battery-Fused
8 Gray Panel Lights
237 Yellow Seat Belt Warning
31 Tan Oil Pressure
35 Green Coolant Temp
33 Tan/White Brake Warning
39 Pink/Black Ignition Switch
25 Brown Volt Reg
30 Pink Fuel Gauge
15 Dk. Blue RH Turn
14 Lt. Blue LH Turn
150 Black Ground
11 Lt. Green Hi Beam

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I did this in a 78 Malibu Barbie wagon. I ended up changing the sending units as well, but it sure looks groovy now! Before you finish, drive your kids to school one day with NO dash, that freaks them out!

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I think that I would mount thet Monte SS dash in the 'Bu but I would make my life a lot simpler and use aftermarket gauges. They aren't as expensive as you think they are and you will run all new wiring and senders.
That's just me though...I'm no resident expert
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