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Hi all
just joined
i've been into cars since the early 80's
my first car was a morris 1000 2 door
then the van craze came along i had 2
i then moved into street machines
and now rodding
my current project is:
A 28/9 roadster on a 28/9 chassis with a custom front cross member to hang jag series3 83 components and coil overs,the rear end is also jag series 2 82 but am having difficulties in getting info on what need's to be done width is 61.5".
engine is 351w with 302 head's don't know much about it as i bought IT that way eg:characteristics
box is C4 with a stage 2 shift kit and a 3800 stall
roof has been chopped 2"
flushed led tail lights and side marker lights
i am also running 32 radiator cowl,recessed fire wall,32 gaurds,running boards and rear gaurds which have been widened 2" the valance panel has the 32 swage to fit with the rest
wheel are 18x8 with 40 profile on the front x8 wide
rear's are 18x8 with 50 profile x9.5
it's not painted yet as it's not finished
top is lift of glass
dash is 32 with custom ford gauges antique face gold bezels.

your's in rodd'n

davefrom oz
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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