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I'm trying to decide whether I should go with PPG Urethane (DCC)or Base/Clear (DBC). Since the car will be solid black I'm leaning towards DCC. I've also considered going with PPG Laquer but I think it would probably be a bad idea even though I could save a few bucks.

I don't have any bare metal so I was planning to just use K36 and then DCC and be done with it. If anyone has done this combo before I'd appreciate your opinion.

Lite, are you using K36 as a sealer,Or as your spot primer?As you can use it as a sealer too.(just a different mix ratio for sealer)

Pros of DCC- 3-4 coats and your done(4coats if your going to cut and buff)
Pros of DCC- will be a tad cheaper on pocket book.
Cons- it stays wetter longer so it has more chances of more dirt to get into the paint job.
Pros of DBC- will dry faster between coats, and can use 1000# sand paper to nib the dirt specs in base.((plus any runs or sags)
Pros of DBC- DBC has a hardner also to dry it a tad faster.
Pros of DBC- you can tac it between coats.
Cons of DBC- 3-4 coats of base-then 2-3 coats of clear. (2021 clear?2042 clear?)you will just be walking around the car a few extra times with base coat /clear coat system is all.
either way is a good choice.

If it was me I would go DCC , and you can add 2021 clear (mixed to its proper ratio) into mixed DCC color on your last coat for a little better UV protection.(ppg reccomends this on DCC)
Hope this gave a little insight
P.S. just make sure you use a charcoal resperator
when spraying!!3M makes a desposable one in 3-4 sizes to make sure you get a proper fit.
(I use a full face mask by 3M)

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I have to be in full agreement, I would use DCC if given the right circumstances. If you are using a non-metallic, straight color, like the black you mentioned, DCC is the way to go. You will pick up a little trash, but no more than having to circle the car 6-8 times using DBC base/clear combo. Wet sand, buff, and there you have it...a super single stage paint job that really does color sand. And like was mentioned, you can mix in the last couple of coats with clear and bring out the best of both worlds without actually putting on a clear coat after the fact. Just my opinion, but K-36, DCC and 2021 are the best PPG has to offer, given the right color choices, of course, at least for the novice painter wanting to get a decent "home shop" paint job.
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