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Hi. Ive got a 360 Chevy Engine from my uncle for my race car. i was just wondering if someone could desktop dyno my parts and tell me what kind of power figures im lookin' at.

.060 over 350

new stock stroke crank

5.7" rods

11:1 TRW Forged Dome Pistons

64cc Camel Hump heads 2.02/1.60 valves. supposed to be fully ported and whatever. lol.

harland sharp aluminum roller rockers (dont lnow if there 1.5 or 1.6 ratio)

Crane energizer 302 cam. 246 degrees duration @.50. .500" lift. 106 ls. Hydro. Flat tappet

Edelbrock Torker 2 intake (will be replaced with a victor jr or other intake soon)

Holley 750cfm 4bbl

k&n 5" air filter

forgot to add:

Headers 1 3/4" primary tubes. probably wont run a muffler. if i have to it'll be gutted anyway.

i think thats it. if you need more info let me know. Thanks Alot.

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You need a 1 3/4 at least, long primary tube header with A min. of 6" of collector. Preferr 8. Assuming 11.0 compression, around 375 horse.
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