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Not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes it...I finished rebuilding my sb350. Got it back in, connected the battery, and all the electrical worked. Went to turn the ignition, and as it attempted to start everything went dead. It all happened as if one of the leads to the battery came loose. I check them and they are tight. The battery had a full charge. I can not find a fuse on the fuse panel for the ignition or anything related either.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciate. Thanks.

The vehicle is:
1979 Chevy Truck K10
Pretty much all stock

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Fuseable links
Doc here :pimp:

Sounds like a Fusible link has blown, Or was Not connected back up properly.

It should be located on the Main Battery Cable Bolt on the starter, along with the Big Battery Cable.

It Should Be a 10 Ga Wire leading away From the starter, feel back along the harness, it will be taped Up and "Lumpy" Feeling.

Try to find out why it blew out, and repair the short If it was hooked up then, Just get a new Link and install it on the harness.

To test to see if you didn't hook it up, or If it's open, you can run a Test wire from the Battery, to the fuse box and touch it to any fuse on the "Battery" Buss or the Big red wire...all the power should return...Do not try to start it though...the wire Could burn up.

Doc :pimp:


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